4th Phase Water Technologies LLC
4th Phase Water Technologies LLC incorporated in November 2016 and began its operation in 501 Silverside Road Suite 98, Wilmington, DE in 2017. The Company focuses on commercializing robust and durable, ultrathin carbon nanotube (CNT) sheets. Theses CNT materials are promising candidates for a multitude of applications including battery electrodes, catalyst supports, and filtration membranes. They can also find applications in defense, aerospace, automotive and consumer electronics markets.
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Pristine CNT sheet
Unpurified hydrophilic CNT sheet
Partially Purified hydrophilic CNT sheet
Purified hydrophilic CCNT sheet
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The company adheres to the business philosophy of "innovative, far-reaching, sincere and always, benefit society", guided by the global market and oriented by the country. Domestic enterprises provide green water film synthesis technology guidance, research and development and production have Green ...
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University of Delaware Horn Entrepreneurship
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Compact Membrane Systems
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